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the Essay & dissertation writing service consists of:


Essay Writing Service

Smart Academic Solutions helps at any level of education. Starting with College essay writing, continuing with Bachelor essay and ending with Master essay. Our highly skilled writers will write a unique piece of work for you that will help you achieve the grade you want.


Dissertation Writing Service

Our proven dissertation writing service consists of writing an entire proposal, abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology writing, results in findings, discussion, and conclusion chapters. Get professional help from experienced academic writers.


Research Paper Writing Service

Our research writing service provides: the writing of an introduction, literature review, research methods, findings, analysis, and conclusion. Our experts have written a lot of research papers and can provide you with a perfectly written one.


Proofreading & Editing Service

Our proofreading & editing service offers bulletproof grammatical and structure support. We collaborate closely with experienced editors and writers in practically every university subject, offering you access to highly qualified academics.

Personal Statement

The personal statement writing is paramount for applying to a prestigious university or college. We have hundreds of qualified writers and with professional writing experience who can help produce the professionally written personal statement.

Exam Writing Service

Our exam writing service is offered in a variety of academic fields: business, biology, finance, law, and many more. Our service has helped hundreds of customers pass their exams. Team of writers who come from every academic and who’re well-versed in exam writing.


Essay writing service

Essay writing service provides complete support of any kind of work. It could be BTEC final essay writing or Bachelor’s essay request. Smart Academic Solutions covers different kinds of subjects related to History, Psychology, English Literature, Law Economics, Accounting & Finance, Business, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine and more. Find our featured projects shown in the portfolio. Our experts can provide you with a qualified academic writing service for your essay.

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Dissertation writing service

Dissertation writing service provides great value when a student is about to graduate. Depending on the degree, the final bachelor, master, or PhD thesis may vary. Generally, dissertation writing begins with a literature review, research methodology (research design & methods), and presentation of research results. After that, an abstract will be put in first place, and an introduction and conclusion will be added to each chapter. Also, quite an extensive reference list and appendices will be added at the very end of the dissertation. Get high-quality dissertation writing help from our experienced tutors.

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research paper writing service

Research paper writing service requires quite an advanced level of academic research since it encompasses analytical and interpretation skills. Also, the writing of a research paper may go beyond the typical encyclopaedia research. It brings you to more in-depth stand-alone research. Smart Academic Solution is a team of professional academic tutors who’re passionate about helping students pursue their academic path by writing high-quality term papers, essays, research papers, proposals, literature reviews, research methodologies, data analyses, and dissertations..

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Proofreading & Editing Service

Proofreading & editing service is about to rectify an already written essay, dissertation or research paper. We improve your paper’s logic and consistency, check and correct grammar and spelling errors, and decrease the plagiarism score. Knowing the referencing style is also a challenge. It’s quite hard to figure out the difference between APA, Harvard, Chicago or MLA. Oscola could be another challenge.

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Personal statement

Personal statement writing service can dramatically increase the acceptance of a student’s application to undergraduate, postgraduate, or PhD programmes. We have more than a hundred qualified writers with professional writing experience who can help produce a professionally written personal statement. Our pre-vetted experts will write an impactful personal statement.

Exam Writing SeRVICE

Exam writing service provides great value to your studies. Whether it’s a midterm or final exam, our experienced writers can help you out. Our exam writing service is offered in a variety of academic fields: business, biology, finance, law, and many more. The team of writers who come from every academic background and who’re well-versed in exam writing.

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