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Biology essay writing can be challenging sometimes. It sometimes requires intricate thought and analysis. But most importantly, one must one must strongly portray his opinion and stand point, and provide suffice of evidence to proof the statement. Many students find it hard to do that. Sometimes they struggle with expressing their thoughts coherently.

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Your essay should typically consist of three parts – introduction, body and conclusion.

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes


This portion will provide a brief overview about the topic. While writing this part one must briefly mention the previous studies regarding the same study. It is necessary to clearly mention the objective of the essay so that the readers get a quick idea where the story will flow. It is good to write a coherent and concise introduction, limited within one to two pages.


This entails the main finding of a study or the opinion/stand-point of the student. This area should cover the experimental details, the main findings of the experiment and the reason behind such findings. If this is an opinion-based essay, the writer/student needs to provide evidences from previous studies and theories to support the statement. It is therefore necessary to provide relevant citations and references. Also, this is the area where the students must put relevant charts, graphs and illustrations followed by an appropriate figure legend below. The illustrations must be well-labelled and described. In addition to this the graph axis must be accurately mentioned.

For your biology essay help, here is an example of the kind of graph you should make. To avoid copyright issue, we didn’t crop out the source of the graph.

And here’s what you should do in case of diagrams- yes, a clearly drawn labelled diagram is what your professor wants; not an unlabelled one at the right (no matter how pretty). (Image courtesy: Pinterest). This is something most of the essay writing services wouldn’t mention about.


You need to write an impactful conclusion you have derived from your study. This portion will reflect the direction of the future work.

Other Tips

  1. Do a thorough research before writing, and brush up your thoughts.
  2. Think before you write and write while you read.
  3. Write, edit and write again.
  4. Revise, write and repeat.
  5. Talk to your adviser.
  6. Follow the format of writing that your college/university have provided.
  7. Follow the submission guidelines.

Things most essay writing services won’t tell you

  1. You have been warned!: If you are a procrastinator make small daily goals while writing your essay. Creating a flowchart of your work helps. Because, writing a biology essay at the last minute, doesn’t produce something great.
  2. Writer’s Blockage? Don’t worry. Take a small break from your work and take a walk. Trust us, you will be fine!
  3. Reach out: Keep in touch with your guide/professor for every help you need.

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