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Writing a molecular biology essay is sometimes different from writing any other topics of biology. But writing on this topic can be easy and with guidance from the experts. Here are some guidelines and tips for graduate school students to writing a perfect molecular biology essay. 

Molecular biology requires intense study and understanding of the detailed mechanisms. The deep understanding of molecular biology therefore must reflect on the molecular biology essay while writing it. One needs to remember the names of proteins and molecules or genes that play role in a certain process. It is hard to remember at times. It is harder to explain and make the reader understand. Therefore, the concept behind a molecular mechanism should be picture-clear, and which must reflect in the molecular biology essay.

Like any other biology essay, a molecular biology essay contains three distinct parts, i.e. introduction, body, and conclusion.

Molecular Biology Essay: Writing an Introduction

This portion of the essay will provide a brief overview of the topic. While writing this part one must briefly mention the previous studies regarding the same study. It is necessary to clearly mention the objective of the essay so that the readers get a quick idea of where the story will flow. It is good to write a coherent and concise introduction. This section is usually limited to one to two pages.

Body of the essay

The body of a molecular biology essay predominantly entails the main finding of a study or the opinion/stand-point of the student. The body of the essay covers the experimental details and the main findings. If this is an opinion-based essay, the writer/student needs to provide evidence from previous studies and theories to support the statement. It is, therefore, necessary to provide relevant citations and references. Also, in the body, it’s necessary to put relevant charts, graphs, and illustrations. They must contain the appropriate figure legend below. The illustrations must be well-labelled and well-described. 

The diagrams depicting a molecular biology pathway should be clear and concise. Understanding a certain molecular process becomes obscure without a clearly drawn and concise diagram.

Conclusion of Your Essay

You need to write an impactful conclusion you have derived from your study. In addition, the ‘conclusion’ section will reflect the direction of the future work.

Referencing Your Molecular Biology Essay

Citation and referencing is an important part while writing an essay. Your statements must clearly mention their source and authenticity. There are different styles of referencing, such as APA, MLA, HARVARD, and so on. You can read the overview of the required style before referencing.

Write While You Read:

A molecular biology essay requires a meticulously written, intricate description of a molecular pathway or a mechanism.  Sometimes it is hard to remember the details. Don’t just take notes. Start writing the essay while you are still reading your study materials.

Read, Write And Edit:

While writing your molecular biology essay, read again and again what you have written. Then edit the mistakes and read again. This will give you an opportunity to produce a flawless essay. Your idea should be well-depicted and well-communicated in your essay.

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